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Identity Guard Review: Reliable Identity Theft Protection?

I tested the highest-tier plan to find out just how comprehensive Identity Guard is.

Identity Guard offers some great family identity protection plans.

Identity Guard offers some great family identity protection plans.

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What can you do to protect yourself and your family from identity theft? To find out, I tested Identity Guard, an identity theft protection service that uses artificial intelligence to monitor people’s personally identifiable information (PII). But is it comprehensive enough to help you avoid becoming a statistic? Let’s see how their individual and family plans stack up against the competition.

Key Takeaways?

Identity Guard provides comprehensive and affordable identity protection services. It monitors credit and debit cards, investment accounts, credit scores and reports, and criminal databases for PII.?

Additionally, it offers some unique features that I find valuable, like the monitoring of social media accounts, new checking and savings accounts, and home title changes. It does all of this while being affordably priced — especially its family plan, which has one of the lowest prices on the market.?

However, what the company lacks is a strong data collection policy: It shares customers’ personal data with third parties so they can advertise to you. You can opt out of promotional emails, though, which can help cut down on the advertising clutter. The data is also aggregated so no individual user can be identified. The data includes a litany of account information, such as billing, identity verification communication, usage, and device information, but not everything that is collected is shared with others.?

The truth is that all identity theft protection services must save this type of information to uphold your account. However, other services — like ID Watchdog — do not share this information with third parties for marketing purposes.?

Overall, Identity Guard is still a top choice for an identity theft protection service, especially for families who are looking for an affordable option, despite its sharing of data for advertising purposes.

What’s Monitored

For testing purposes, I chose the highest-tiered Ultra subscription plan to explore everything Identity Guard has to offer (see the table below for a full breakdown of each of Identity Guard's plans). The Ultra plan monitors these account types:?

  • Credit and debit cards: Since credit card fraud is the most commonly reported type of identity theft, Identity Guard makes sure the information in your financial accounts stays safe.?
  • 401(k) and investment accounts: Identity Guard also monitors 401(k) and investment accounts, checking the web and other financial sectors for high-risk transactions and personal information.?
  • Bank accounts: The company surveils your bank accounts similar to how it handles investment accounts. If someone shares your login credentials, Identity Guard can detect it and alert you as quickly as possible.?
  • Credit scores and reports: Reviewing your credit report regularly is an important way to check for identity theft and suspicious activity. Identity Guard checks credit reports from one of the three bureaus every month: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Additionally, it checks your credit reports from all three bureaus once a year.?
  • Criminal and sex offender registries: Identity Guard monitors more than just financial accounts. It also scans criminal and sex offender registries for your information, checking to see if anyone arrested for a crime has used your PII.?
  • Dark web: The dark web is a hotbed of cybercrime where stolen usernames and passwords are sold on the regular. While you may not feel comfortable even downloading software that would allow you to access the dark web, Identity Guard’s AI scans it for your information without you having to lift a finger.?
  • Data breaches:?A data breach means that your PII has been leaked, and it affects companies of all sizes. In 2021, 74% of large businesses and 61% of small businesses reported data breaches — an increase of 72% and 408% from 2020, respectively, according to a 2021 Data Protection Report from Shred-it.? Fortunately, if you have an active Identity Guard subscription, the service will alert you if your information is revealed in a data breach.?
  • Home titles: Identity Guard notifies you if someone opens a home title in your name or transfers your home title to theirs.?
  • USPS change of address requests: The company ensures you are the only one requesting a USPS change of address. Sometimes, identity thieves make these requests so they receive other people’s mail as a way to gain valuable PII.?
  • Social media: When was the last time you Googled yourself and checked what personal information is showing up on social media? Parents will certainly appreciate Identity Guard’s Social Privacy Manager and Social Media Insights Report, which are only available in the Ultra plan. While the Social Privacy Manager assesses your settings on social media accounts, the Social Media Insights Report scans your timeline for content that may be harmful to your image. This is a good tool for pre-teens who will one day apply to universities, and it’s helpful to adults whose prospective employers will no doubt take their online image into account.??

If Identity Guard’s software detects your personal information in any of the above areas, it’ll let you know in real time over email and mobile app notifications. That way, you can catch identity theft as soon as it happens to secure your personal information and finances.?


Identity Guard offers three service plans: Value, Total, and Ultra.? The Value plan, when paying for a year upfront, is the most affordable option, costing only $7.50 a month for an individual or $12.50 for a family. Those are some of the cheapest prices of any of the identity theft protection services I tested. However, this package lacks some key monitoring areas, so I recommend getting the Ultra package if you can afford it. Here is what each plan monitors (please note that these prices are accurate as of October 25, 2022):

Identity Guard subscription Value Total Ultra
U.S.-based customer support Yes Yes Yes
Data breach notifications Yes Yes Yes
High-risk transaction monitoring Yes Yes Yes
$1 Million identity theft insurance policy Yes Yes Yes
Risk management report Yes Yes Yes
Safe browsing tool Yes Yes Yes
Dark web monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Bank account monitoring No Yes Yes
Monthly credit score from 1 bureau No Yes Yes
Credit monitoring from 3 bureaus No Yes Yes
Credit and debit card monitoring No No Yes
401(k) and investment account monitoring No No Yes
Home title monitoring No No Yes
USPS address change monitoring No No Yes
Annual credit report from 3 bureaus No No Yes
Social media insights report No No Yes
Criminal and sex offender registry monitoring No No Yes
White glove resolution concierge No No Yes
Individual cost, month-to-month plan $8.99 $19.99 $29.99
Individual cost, month-to-month plan over a year $107.88 $239.88 $360.00
Individual cost of annual plan, monthly $5.39 $11.99 $17.99
Total amount billed for individual annual plan $64.68 $143.88 $215.88
Individual savings with annual plan $43.20 $96.00 $144.12
Family cost, month-to-month plan $14.99 $29.99 $39.99
Family cost, month-to-month plan over a year $179.88 $360 $479.88
Family cost of annual plan, monthly $8.99 $17.99 $23.99
Total amount billed for family annual plan $107.88 $215.88 $287.88
Family savings with annual plan $72 $144.12 $192

Keep in mind in 2022 so far, the median loss from fraud is $640. Even if you choose the most expensive package at $360 for yourself, if your identity is stolen, chances are Identity Guard will help you save much more than what you originally spent.

If you’re within the 40% of people who lost over $1,000 from identity theft, you’d be more than protected by Identity Guard’s $1 million identity theft insurance. Victims of identity theft will appreciate this insurance, which the Value and Total plan do not include. Identity theft insurance can pay for these expenses:

What's covered Limit Time period
Aggregate $2,500 or $20,000 Policy period
Lost wages $2,000 Per week for up to 5 weeks
竞技宝投注 expenses $1,000 Policy period
Elder care, child care, and spousal care $2,000 Policy period
Legal and private investigator fees Subject to prior approval and must be part of aggregate limit Subject to prior approval


Identity Guard offers a comprehensive identity theft protection service with monitoring for key areas: criminal records, financial accounts and cards, the dark web, and even social media. However, it’s lacking when it comes to monitoring for data breaches, and it doesn’t offer any extras like junk mail and spam call opt-out, lost wallet assistance, or people search site removal. Still, whether you’re an individual or a family, Identity Guard is an affordable and effective identity theft protection service.

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