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By: Get Joy

(Ad) Everyone has an opinion on which dog food is best for their pups, from raw-diet-only fans to those who swear by luxury kibble. Having a pet is a huge responsibility, and ensuring their diet is nutritious to help them live a long and healthy life isn’t always easy.? Plus, many dogs have medical needs, puppies need different food than senior dogs, and some good dogs are more finicky eaters. There is a new trend in dog food, however, that might help with your search: freeze-dried dog food.

Meet Get Joy


Tom Arrix founded Get Joy to transform health and wellness for dogs everywhere after his golden retriever, Cooper, was diagnosed with lymphoma. When Cooper got sick , Arrix made the switch from over-cooked kibble to a fresh-food diet for his pet.

He believes this shift eased Cooper into remission, adding nearly two more years to his life. “There is no doubt that fresh food is a dog and person’s medicine and the driver of wellness,” Tom explains.

After consulting with veterinary nutritionists and veterinarians – including vet oncologist and Get Joy advisor Dr. Kendra Pope – Arrix discovered three pillars of wellness for dogs’ health: nutrition, genetics, and environment. At Get Joy, the focus is on the most important and the most controllable pillar: nutrition. This commitment was born out of an ingrained passion to make a difference in our dogs’ lives.

This Get Joy commitment to pet health and nutrition comes from a deep-rooted passion for making a difference in dogs’ health. That’s something the major dog-food companies churning out highly processed kibble just can’t focus on in the same way.

“Every single customer who feeds their amazing dog Get Joy products is helping transform their own health and an industry,” Tom said. “The pet industry has been led too long by big industry, more concerned about creating mediocre products and profits ― rarely considering healthy outcomes.”

Get Joy saw a way to help other dog owners make the process of improving a dog's diet easier. The passion for excellence is what led to freeze-dried dog food: this method kills bacteria while leaving ingredients mostly unchanged.? It’s the most convenient way to deliver nutrient-dense, real, fresh food right to your doorstep. Not only is it highly bioavailable dog food, but it's rated No. 1 in digestion and gut health while being completely shelf stable.

What Makes Get Joy the Best Dog 竞技宝首页 on the Market?

Get Joy’s fresh, freeze-dried dog food is unlike their competitors in three main ways.

  1. They maintain a high level of bioavailability of proteins, minerals and vitamins due to their proprietary freeze-drying process, which involves minimal alteration so only water is removed. Bioavailability refers to how much of a nutrient is available to be absorbed and metabolized. Freeze-drying allows ingredients to maintain their structural integrity, which improves bioavailability. In other words, eating freeze-dried dog food can help your canine maximize the nutritional value and health benefits of the foods he or she eats.
  2. They are committed to ensuring they have the best product on the market. Get Joy’s recipes include a tasty combination of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics because gut health is just as important for your pet as it is for you.
    • Probiotics are live organisms, “specific strains of bacteria that directly add to the population of healthy microbes in your gut” (Mayo Clinic). The beneficial bacteria will help to keep your pet’s gut health elevated and aid in long-term intestinal health.
    • Prebiotics are what probiotics consume, like fiber. According to the Mayo Clinic, “ these act like fertilizers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.” These nutrients can be found in many fruits and vegetables and are great for ensuring that the gut has food for healthy bacteria.
    • Postbiotics are the beneficial compounds that occur when probiotics eat prebiotics.? If you haven’t heard of these before, it’s probably because postbiotics are a relatively new area of study, but their benefits are becoming widely known. Studies show that postbiotics are linked with a stronger immune system, anti-inflammatory properties and improved digestion.
  1. Get Joy has a 97% gelatinized ratio, meaning it is more digestible for your dog. Because Get Joy’s food is more digestible, it leads to firmer stools as well. It is important to make sure your dog is able to digest their food properly to avoid stomach issues, indigestion and to absorb all the nutrients that you’re paying for.

This dog food comparison table by brand shows the composition of Get Joy’s food and how it stacks up to competitors.





% Gelatinized






Spot & Tango Unkibble





Blue Buffalo Life Protection





Wellness Complete Health Adult





Merrick Classic Healthy Grains





* Comparative based on Guaranteed analysis reported for each brand.

% Gelatanized conducted by independent testing center using purchased product samples.?


Why Freeze-Dried?

There is nothing new about freeze-drying food. The process can be traced back to the Incas in the 13th century. Modern freeze-drying began in the late 1800s by Richard Altman, and since then, it has been used for military meals, astronaut’s missions, and for backpacking and survival foods. Freeze-drying ensures food is shelf-stable for long periods of time, yet the real value for your pet is in the nutritional properties that come from this technique.

Freeze-Dried Dog 竞技宝首页 vs. Traditional Kibble

Start with empty ingredients, add scorching heat to zap out any remaining nutritional value, and what do you get? Stomach filler. Market it to dog owners, and now it’s kibble. This might seem like a simplified assessment, but a closer look at traditional kibble reveals that the reality is actually much grimmer.

High temperatures can extinguish foods’ nutritional value, but the opposite production process can yield the opposite result: Freezing ingredients can help retain nutritive merit. The freeze-drying process takes already frozen goods and places them in machines to lower the atmospheric pressure around them, thereby sublimating their water content. So you’re reaping the benefits of the whole foods instead of hurting them.?

That’s not to say that cooking is a bad thing. Applying heat to food can kill harmful bacteria and reduce waste by preventing spoilage – which ensures a longer, stable shelf life. The problem is most companies manufacture traditional kibble via extrusion: combining intense heat – think temperatures nearing 400 degrees Fahrenheit – and pushing the overheated ingredients through a die that creates a uniform shape. Steaming, baking, boiling and shaping; over and over in the production of one batch of traditional kibble. It makes the kibble pretty to look at, but not good for your dog.

This might not be so bad if the ingredients are corn, carrots and peas; though most traditional-kibble companies begin and end with low-grade components. Freeze-dried dog food usually offers ingredient transparency because it doesn’t have anything to hide, unlike traditional kibble, which is composed of synthetics, additives and fillers. That’s why you’ll see terms like ?“corn gluten meal, Green #50, poultry by-product" on commercial-kibble labels. Add high heat, and whatever beneficial qualities they may have had are now mostly cooked out. Freeze-dried dog food doesn’t undergo extrusion, so its nature-made structure remains intact: a pea will still look like a pea. You can actually see the ingredient list in the food you serve your dog.

?Hazardously high temperatures, like the ones used when cooking traditional kibble, can also have more nefarious effects than mere undernutrition. Well-done meats can possess heterocyclic amines – a class of mutagenic compounds – that are associated with an increased risk of cancer, according to the National Library of Medicine. These carcinogens can induce tumors in animals and humans alike.

If you're a fine-dining connoisseur or grilling fanatic, you might be familiar with the Maillard reaction, which is the response between high heat and reducing proteins and sugars. Envision the crust of a pork roast: it's crispy, colorful and flavorful partly due to its unmitigated exposure to high heat and fat. This is an example of the Maillard reaction. The lesser known association with the technique is its potential – in some cases – to create cancer-causing chemicals. Among these are furans and acrylamide, which can form when carbohydrates cook at ultra-high temperatures. We see the same occurrence in the production of traditional kibble.

Will one bowl of commercial kibble cause cancer in your dog? Probably not, just like the occasional fast-food burger won’t necessarily cause obesity in humans. However, if you’re pulling into the drive-thru every day, chances are your health will decline and your lifespan could take a hit.

Likewise, if you’re feeding your dog kibble every day, it's more likely to result in deleterious consequences. Humans’ exposure to carcinogens in the cooking methods described above is lower compared to dogs because we have a wider-ranging diet, a study in the National Library of Medicine explains. We don’t eat the same foods every day. Dogs’ chronic dietary exposure to these carcinogens are what places them – and the puppies they birth – at greater risk of illness.

Instead of exposing your pup to those harmful agents, choosing freeze-dried dog food, treats and chews can promote healthful benefits. They offer ingredients found in nature, that you can pronounce, with succinct ingredient lists.

What’s in it for you other than a healthier, longer-living Fido? Fewer stops on potty walks.

Since freeze-dried dog food promotes bioavailability, it enables better digestion. Higher digestibility equals lower fecal output and contributes to firm fecal consistencies, a study reports. So you can “Get joy” on your dog walks with less bathroom breaks and less messiness.

As for the myth that kibble is good for dogs’ teeth: it’s not.

healthy freeze dried dog food

How do I know Get Joy dog food is the safest?

Get Joy works with Veterinary Nutritional Consultation (VNC, on recipe formulation and nutrient profiles. The team at VNC is made up of board-certified veterinary nutritionists who help formulate the recipes to be compliant with the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ standards. The AAFCO is a network of local, state, and federal agencies charged by law to regulate what we feed our animals.

In addition, Get Joy worked with animal scientist and gut-digestion leading expert Dr. George Fahey of University of Illinois as a key developer and collaborator of the Fresh Freeze Dried product.

Why is fresh dog food so expensive?

Because you get what you pay for. There is no way to sugarcoat the price difference between kibble and freeze-dried food. Similar to the raw diet, quality ingredients cost more, and retaining the bioavailability of the ingredients is a more expensive process. The good news is the price is an investment in your dog’s health and lifespan.

If your large-breed dogs or multi-dog households make this route cost prohibitive, you can use Get Joy as a topper. Mixing in the health benefits of Get Joy products can help reduce the amount of traditional kibble your pup consumes. We crunched the numbers and found that the “Fresh as a topper” concept can cost you less than $1 a day for smaller dogs.

Hate math? Me too. The good news is Get Joy’s Portion & Feeding Guide makes calculating your pet-food cost as easy as clicking on “Full Meal” or “Topper.” You’ll even receive an shelf-life estimate, so you know when to re-order.

Where can I buy Get Joy?

Order Get Joy freeze-dried dog food online. Get Joy’s direct-to-your-door delivery service means you don’t have to hoist heavy bags from the grocery store to your pantry. Get Joy also offers a subscription program that saves you 10% on each order. Less trips to the store also mean less filling up at the gas station, and that’s something we could all use right now.

What are the flavors and options at Get Joy?

If you don’t know where to start, their website gives you a transparent look into the food. Each bag tells you how much you should be feeding your dog based on its weight and how many calories are in each serving.

Get Joy currently offers their beef recipe as fresh freeze-dried, and they are preparing to launch a chicken recipe in August. With beef and soon chicken protein types, your dog can enjoy ancient grains, whole vegetables, pre, pro and post biotics plus vitamins and minerals. The food is also shelf-stable for up to two years.

How do I feed my dog freeze-dried dog food?

To serve Get Joy freeze dried dog food, all you have to do is scoop, add a little water, and serve!

Why Get Joy?

This high-quality nutrition should make a difference you can see, including a healthier, shiny coat. You'll also notice their weight may be easier to control because Get Joy does not use fillers or artificial preservatives. A fresh diet and balanced meals help reduce trips to the vet, and your pup will likely have more energy, vitality, and happiness.

The product is designed for unbeatable performance for dogs, from puppies to seniors. All the ingredients are intended to create a best-in-class, highly digestive meal for your dog. Tested #1 in digestibility and gut health vs leading kibble and freeze dried brands. It’s why we call it “Good 竞技宝首页 for Dogs”.?

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